The ability to dream is given to everyone of us in the world. But dreams are not there to be dreamed, but to be realized. This act of realizing a dream is accomplished through one’s strong will and accumulation of actions. If you don’t understand this, dreams will always be something that you simply fantasize about. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. ~GACKT

2 grudnia 2011

Zimowa opowieść: amazarashi - クリスマス


It's such a marvel how these beads of snow piling up can change the landscape
It's cruel how days where we feel helpless turns into months and years

Exactly at the time I began my yearly confession, alone in my room at midnight
A girl in a distant town fell asleep
And snow fell

I dirtied this world
And that is why I can't bring myself to hate it
Though I don't want to show it to you, because it's still the same as ever
Won't you please tell me that you still love me in spite of this?
So that I won't despair

White beads of snow fluttered down on a sinful December morning
It couldn't be so bright if it had buried kindness
Missiles soared somewhere faraway in the sky
And a girl who mistook them for shooting stars
Woke up before she made three wishes
She found a present from her daddy

And now, let's pray for the sake of this world
And for the sakes of us who are beyond salvation
Look, isn't it an ugly world?
Today is a beautiful Christmas


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